Your Furniture Protectors

Marina Packing was established by Gary Kramer in 1980. Mr. Kramer’s goal for Marina Packing was to provide expert packing, crating and worldwide shipping for the design industry, custom furniture manufacturers and the showrooms that represent their lines.

Over the years, Marina Packing has developed a reputation for promptness, reliability and honesty in the every day business of crating and shipping for the design industry. When the price has been paid for a custom piece of furniture or lighting, and then in production for 8-10 weeks, would you not like to see your shipment arrive at its’ final destination in a timely manner and in the same condition as it was represented on the showroom floor?

Crating is the proper way for your custom furniture to reach any destination swiftly and intact. Specializing in individual shipments enables us to have total control on how and when each shipment is to arrive. We pride ourselves on the expedient and quality assured manner of our crating and shipping. On average, a normal transit time not including the day of pick up and crating, is between 3-7 working days.

Marina Packing has enhanced its’ direct service, which allows us to provide quicker scheduled service to customers at a lower cost by moving the freight over the most direct route and eliminating the added cost of handling the freight at a central or regional hub sorting facility. The use of direct shuttles also minimizes the likelihood of damage because of reduced handling of the freight.

The Company has invested and will continue to invest significant management and financial resources to the enhancement of its’ information systems in an effort to provide accurate and real time information to its management and customers. Marina Packing believes the ability to provide accurate real time information on the status of shipments, both internally (to ensure on-time delivery and efficient operations) and to customers, will become increasingly important. We, at Marina Packing, believe that our efforts in this area will result in both competitive service advantages and increased productivity throughout our network.